Maryland Criminal Defense Firm Defends Clients Accused of Theft Crimes

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If you're accused of theft, it's important to seek skilled legal counsel to protect your rights. The criminal defense attorney at Law Office of Tara Shoemaker Esq. LLC defends clients in the Frederick area and throughout Maryland accused of robbery, burglary, shoplifting and other theft crimes. Our lawyer will investigate the circumstances of your case to develop a targeted defense designed to obtain the best possible outcome, whether that's an acquittal, reduced charge or favorable plea agreement. We draw on our experience challenging prosecutors in both state and federal court to uphold your rights when you're charged with a theft crime.

Knowledgeable Maryland counselor handles a range of theft cases

There are many types of theft crimes, but they all involve taking someone's property. Theft charges vary based on the property's value, where it was taken, how it was acquired, and whether violence was involved. Depending on the value of the property, it may be considered petty theft or grand theft and may be a misdemeanor or a felony. Shoplifting and pickpocketing are considered larceny. A burglary charge involves breaking into a home or business to steal property. Embezzlement is charged against those who steal money that they have been entrusted with.

Robbery is a more serious charge, because it involves violence, while armed robbery involves weapons. These charges carry different penalties depending on the jurisdiction. That's why it's important to seek skilled representation from an experienced defense attorney who knows the laws of your state and has defended clients on similar charges.

Proven defense attorney challenges your theft charges

Those who have been charged with theft crimes in Maryland should not give up hope. Our attorney will challenge the prosecution's evidence and police procedure to see whether your rights were violated during the investigation or your arrest. When possible, we will present evidence that establishes an alibi, proving that you were not at the scene of the crime when it was committed.

Defendants in theft cases often face the prospect of serious punishment. They may be forced to pay restitution to the person they are accused of stealing from. They may be sentenced to jail or prison, depending on the charge. No matter what charge you face, our trial-tested advocate is dedicated to providing the best possible defense under the circumstances.

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