Maryland Lawyer Provides Strong Legal Representation in Divorce Cases

Seasoned advocate aims to protect your rights when it matters most

Divorce and custody issues can have a significant impact on your life. With my experience in family law matters, I have the knowledge and skills to help you make important decisions and work towards a resolution that will allow you to move forward in the best possible position. At the Law Office of Tara Shoemaker Esq. LLC in Frederick, Maryland, I will be at your side at every stage of the process, providing sound legal advice and strong representation.   

Diligent attorney provides sound advocacy in uncontested divorces

In your divorce case, you may find that you and your spouse can agree on major issues such as child support and custody. In these situations, you can proceed to a marital settlement agreement that will be faster and less contentious to resolve than the traditional divorce process. During uncontested divorce proceedings, I will put my experience to work for you to make sure your interests are properly represented in the negotiations so you ultimately reach an outcome you can live with.

Accomplished attorney provides legal advice on child support matters

While Maryland uses a formula to calculate child support obligations, either party can argue that the payments in the guidelines would be inappropriate in a particular situation. With my deep experience, I will strive to raise relevant factors and ensure that all necessary information about income and expenses is presented so that the determination of the court is a fair one, whether you are the receiving or paying spouse. 

Reliable lawyer provides dedicated counsel for custody and visitation issues

In Maryland, the court can award legal and physical custody to one parent or to both parents jointly. To minimize the impact on your child while still protecting your parental rights, I will mount a strong case by illustrating your willingness to have custody, your suitability and your history of caring for your child so the court can make an informed decision that meets your child’s needs and yours.

Experienced lawyer provides mediation representation in divorce cases

To limit the cost, time and conflict involved with traditional divorce proceedings, some couples opt to resolve their issues through alternative means. Divorce mediation can a beneficial way to work through your disagreements outside of the courtroom and even to settle contentious issues like property division or custody. If you chose this route to settle your divorce, I can represent you throughout the process, advocating for your interests during mediation.

Respected lawyer aids in collaborative divorce proceedings

Another method for you and your spouse to resolve your differences out of court is collaborative divorce. Unlike a mediation, there is no neutral third party. Instead, the spouses and their attorneys sign an agreement that they commit themselves to a negotiated outcome and that the attorneys will not represent the parties if the case needs to go to court. I will advise you each step of the way, including by consulting with mental health and financial professionals who may be required for more complex issues.

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